911 Call Audio/Video Transcript

This is an audio/visual transcript of the 911 call made by forensic audio expert Arlo West

Confirms Murray was alive and pleading for an ambulance when Maria Amurrio reported to the 911 operator Murray was not speaking, breathing, and "totally gone"

Enhanced Excerpt of Maria Yelling "Give Up"

Excerpt 2 of Maria Yelling "Give Up"

News Casts

Appearance on Geraldo @ Large on the Fox News Network

Evidence of Murder


Amurrio told a different story to Murray's family in New Jersey about the circumstances surrounding how Murray died.   

Florida Police Report (jpeg)


New Jersey Affidavit (pdf)


Amurrio Told the Sarasota Sheriff's Department That Murray Laid Down at 4:30 pm AND NEVER WOKE UP

Who is Maria Amurrio (Cohen)? 

*Head of Women Police for home country of Bolivia before immigrating to USA. 

*Special Narcotics Agent for Bolivia. 

*Employed by the state of Florida as a Juvenile Probation Officer for Sarasota County

During the 911 call, Amurrio pretended not to know how to perform CPR

Amurrio graduated the police academy and was a police officer

Is Amurrio a Federally Protected Informant?

911 Operator, Anne Barrett's Decade Long Silence

Murray's Stock Broker Calls in the Middle of His Murder

Murray Cohen's stock broker in New York City had a pre-arranged phone appointment to speak with him on 1/13/2003. The stock broker called during Murray Cohen's murder and heard him screaming in the background. Murray's next door neighbor told authorities that she was certain that she saw Murray Cohen at his mailbox at 5:15 pm.

The Stock Broker

Stephen Beninati was Murray Cohen's stock broker in New York City. As fate has it, Mr. Beninati had a pre-arranged appointment on January 13, 2003. Mr. Beninati called during Murray Cohen's murder. Please see video despoition below.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3