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                                                Broadcast About the Death of Murray Cohen

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                                       Attorney Mark Gelman Speaks for Murray Cohen's Family

False FBI Audio Report

Under the leadership of former FBI Director, Robert Mueller, the Sarasota Sheriff's Office was able to obtain a false audio report which has blocked justice from being served.

FBI Report (pdf)


FBI lab analyst who examined the 911 recording involving the murder of  Murray Cohen takes the stand in the George Zimmerman case - testimony raises many questions on his examination and report of the Cohen tape

Nakasone Claims Amurrio is Saying "Mi Amor"

Listen for yourself and decide if she is saying "mi amor" or "give up"

FBI  expert Dr. Nakasone testifies at the Zimmerman trial that the most  important requirement of it’s examiners is to be neutral. See letter  that Dr. Nakasone received from SSO after he completed his examination,  thanking him and telling him that Murray Cohen's death remains  "naturally caused".

FBI Threatens murder victim's son with criminal charges if they are ever contacted again.