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White House Responds on 7/13/18

The response letter from the White House proves that the conclusion in Extreme Breach of Trust is CORRECT.

White House Letter (pdf)


SEE & LISTEN to the 911 Call

This is an audio/video transcript of the 911 call made by Maria Amurrio the day Murray Cohen died. Numerous audio forensic experts confirm Murray was alive and pleading for an ambulance when Maria Amurrio reported to the 911 operator Murray was not speaking, breathing, and "totally gone".


Enhanced Excerpt of Maria Yelling "Give Up"


Excerpt 2 of Maria Yelling "Give Up"

The Victim, the Killer, and Witnesses

Learn more about how Murray died

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Law Enforcement Agencies Involved in Obstructing Justice and the Evidence Which Proves a Murder

Read here about how the FBI, FDLE, and SSO covered up Murray's murder

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Meet the Judges Who Denied Justice in Murray's Probate


Help support exposing this despicable injustice perpetrated by sworn, civil servants.

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Murray B. Cohen lived at 4919 Commonwealth Dr. on Siesta Key. He was poisoned, tortured, and murdered by his wife of three weeks, Maria Amurrio Cohen on 1/13/03. Murray's murder is completely captured in the background of the 911 call made by Amurrio after she thought he was dead. A lethal poison was found and inventoried at the death scene by authorities. To this day the state of Florida and law enforcement have resisted exhumation of Murray Cohen's body to determine the true cause of death. The F.B.I. violated the public trust when they created and provided a false audio report of the 911 call to be used to cover up Murray's murder. 

This false audio report allowed Amurrio to escape justice for over 15 years.      

 This story is evidence justice, rule of law, the Bill of Rights, and the  Constitution does not apply to every citizen of the United States. The  sworn civil servants who participated in denying justice for Murray  Cohen have been rewarded with promotions in rank and collect paychecks  paid by the tax payers. When injustice such as the case of Murray Cohen  are allowed to stand, it contributes to the societal breakdown. 

This web site was created with the hopes that someday Amurrio will be brought to  justice.